The Collective Intelligence Challenge

These tests look at different aspects of social functioning. This includes emotion recognition and decision making in social situations. It is fun to do and should take ~15 minutes. How good are you at reading other people’s thoughts? What is your personality type? Does it influence your social interactions?

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The ability understand other people’s emotions and thoughts are important for social interaction in everyday life. It is a major aspect of what is known as social cognition. This has been a big area of research in developmental studies in children. In recent years there has been a lot more interest in applying this work to other areas where individuals may have difficulty with social interaction due to psychiatric or neurological conditions. Here, we have put together a set of 8 tests that require different aspects of social cognition, for example, identifying facial expressions, and understanding what someone may be thinking. You will be shown your scores relative to the general population. You also can retry the tests to see if you can improve and beat your own past scores.

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